Monthly Archives: February 2017

February 28, 2017

EE balloons and drones to boost 4G coverage

Mobile carrier EE announced plans to deploy a fleet of helium balloons and drones to make 4G coverage more widely available. The helium balloon, which EE calls a “Helikite,” has a tethered power supply, can remain airborne for up to … Read more >

February 21, 2017

UK lagging behind Europe and US for 4G access

According to a survey conducted by mobile data platform Ogury, 4G use in the UK still trails that of Europe and the US. The company stated that this raises questions about whether the UK should improve its 4G capability before … Read more >

February 14, 2017

Brits will spend £27bn via mobile devices in 2017

According to a report by and the Centre for Retail Research, UK shoppers are expected to spend £27.02bn using mobile devices this year, which is an increase of 26% from the £21.51bn spent in 2016. The report also noted … Read more >

February 7, 2017

EU set to end roaming charges from June

The European Union (EU) announced that it is on target to deliver its promise to end roaming charges for mobile phones from 15 June for all residents who are travelling anywhere in EU member countries. It cleared a major obstacle … Read more >