September 20, 2018

iOS 12 set to make your iPhone much faster

Apple has now released iOS 12 worldwide, and the latest update to the operating system will make almost all iPhones run much faster.

Apple first revealed iOS 12 at its yearly Developers Conference in June.

The updated operating system has many new features, including improvements to Siri, Messages and Photos. It also introduces a new feature called Screen Time, which lets you monitor how much time that you spend on your device. iOS 12 also lets you set limits on the amount of time that you spend on apps.

There are many more features in iOS 12, but one of the most useful ones is a boost in performance for almost every device regardless of its age.

In the past, many users were hesitant about installing the latest upgrades to iOS because they were concerned that upgrading could slow down their devices.

However, Apple appears to be aware of these concerns and has made some huge performance improvements in the latest upgrade.

The tech giant announced that it has designed iOS 12 to make everyday tasks on iPhones and iPads faster and more responsive, with improved performance across the entire operating system.

The keyboard is now up to 50% faster, the Camera app now launches up to 70% faster and typing has become more responsive. Even when there is lots of activity across the system, apps will launch at up to twice as fast.

You can even install iOS 12 on the 2013 iPhone 5s, so the latest upgrade will give your older smartphone a new lease on life.