Business Landlines

Landlines are lifelines for businesses, but deciding who is the right provider for yours can be quite a problem. The choice is wide, so at Synergy Mobile we work to save you money on lines and calls but never compromise on service or quality.

Why we are right for you:

  • We’ll save you 87% on your call charges in comparison to BT
  • We’ll also save you up to 35% on your line rental
  • The transfer process is simple and hassle-free
  • Your existing lines and phone number are kept
  • Your line will be maintained by BT Openreach

Calls and lines solutions
We will work with you to design a call and line solution that fits exactly what you need. There are plenty of choices, including analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30, as well as other forward-looking options. Your overheads can be lowered further by the integration of voice and data.

We will help you to manage your call volumes and costs effectively, and your business will only pay for what is used. Our Business Grade service is part of our approach to working closely with clients, ensuring that business continuity isn’t compromised.

Because we work in partnership with several major networks and have multiple points of interconnectivity, we provide a high-level service covering 100% of the UK.

Support and service
Your business deserves the best for its telecommunications and we work hard to ensure you have the support and advice you need so that things run smoothly and downtime is reduced. With tough service level agreements and free 24/7 telephone support, we can provide the right package for you.