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January 8, 2019

Landline calls halve while mobile data use increases tenfold

During the past six years, the length of time that British phone users spent on landline calls dropped by 50% as the increased use of mobile devices has made more traditional means of communication less common. A study by regulator … Read more >

February 26, 2018

BT told to share network with rivals for full fibre

To hasten the availability of ultra-fast broadband, regulator Ofcom has published several new regulations that make it less expensive for Internet providers to set up the required infrastructure. The regulations also require BT to allow competing Internet providers to use … Read more >

March 21, 2017

BT agrees deal to legally separate Openreach

Customers should expect less-expensive and improved broadband service now that BT has agreed to legally make Openreach a separate entity. Openreach owns and operates the UK’s broadband network. It has taken two years for BT to reach an agreement with … Read more >

March 7, 2017

Ofcom orders BT to cut landline-only bills

Ofcom has stated that it plans to force BT to reduce landline-only bills by at least £5 a month. About 2.3 million BT customers would benefit from this rate cut. The communications regulator conducted an overall review of the telecommunications … Read more >

January 30, 2017

BT announces price increases

BT has announced that it will increase prices on landline and broadband services and that customers will begin paying to access BT Sport. Effective 2 April, the price for copper broadband service will increase by £2 a month, while the … Read more >

January 17, 2017

New BT service aims to crack down on nuisance calls

BT has announced a new service that could largely eliminate nuisance phone calls. Its service lets customers easily block the entities making the calls, and other telecom companies are expected to introduce similar services. Many smartphones already have the capability … Read more >

November 26, 2015

VoIP services – SIP trunking v hosted PBX

The popularity of VoIP has been growing in recent years and users will know that there are several options open to them. These include SIP trunking and hosted PBX, but what are the differences? Hosted PBX is a system with … Read more >

November 10, 2015

BT tackles scammers with exchange upgrade

BT has upgraded its exchanges to help to beat the problems of scammers using lines that are left open. Scammers often pretend they are calling from a bank in an attempt to obtain financial details from people; now, when a … Read more >

October 19, 2015

What does the end of ISDN mean for businesses?

BT has recently announced that by 2025, the use of ISDN and PSTN services is going to be phased out. All of these services will have to be moved over to IP services, such as VoIP, over the next ten … Read more >

July 29, 2015

Ofcom considering separation of Openreach from BT

The telecoms regulator Ofcom is carrying out a review into digital communications and is considering separating BT from its Openreach division. The review is being carried out into the telecommunications industry as a whole and the separation is just one … Read more >