1. 28 October 2013

    Apple announces the iPad Air and Mini

    Apple has announced the release of its new tablet device, the iPad Air. The new device, which follows a similar […]

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  2. 25 October 2013

    IP-ISDN30: the scalable next generation solution for business

    At Synergy Mobile we are focused on always providing our customers with the very best solutions to their business landline […]

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  3. 14 October 2013

    Apple expected to announce new iPads

    It has been reported that Apple is expected to announce its latest product on 22nd October: a second-generation version of […]

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  4. 08 October 2013

    Choosing the right business landline

    One of the things that set a professional business apart from the competition is having a genuine business phone line.  […]

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