1. 27 June 2016

    Brexit: mixed reaction from industry

    The news that the UK is to leave the EU has been met with a mixed reaction from the mobile […]

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  2. 21 June 2016

    Could Brexit harm telecoms operators and customers?

    The impending referendum has raised a lot of questions about the effect that Brexit could have on the telecoms industry. […]

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  3. 15 June 2016

    Brits paying £800m in extra phone charges

    Research has shown that more than a quarter of mobile phone users are paying an additional £40 a year in […]

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  4. 13 June 2016

    Consumers need 5GB of data to follow their team to Euro 2016 final

    It has been estimated that a football fan following a team to the final of this year’s Euro 2016 competition […]

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  5. 08 June 2016

    EE aces it again in Ofcom performance tests

    EE has been named the top performer after Ofcom carried out a series of tests in London in March. Mobile […]

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  6. 07 June 2016

    EE launches Extra+ plans for business travellers

    EE has announced the arrival of a new series of business tariffs that are designed for SMEs that want to […]

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