1. 31 August 2016

    iPhone 7 set to be unveiled on 7 September

    Apple has announced that its annual product launch will be held this year on 7 September. It is expected that […]

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  2. 23 August 2016

    Android dominates with 86.2% of the market share

    Sales figures have shown that Android phones are taking the lion’s share of the market, with more than 86% of […]

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  3. 09 August 2016

    Healthcare tech innovations could save lives

    With an increasingly ageing society, there are more elderly people that are trying to live independently, but this is very […]

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  4. 04 August 2016

    Openreach to be legally separate from BT

    Ofcom has opted not to make BT sell Openreach, but significant reforms have been suggested by the watchdog. The suggestions […]

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