1. 31 October 2016

    Londoners to benefit from the fastest free public Wi-Fi available

    Londoners will soon be able to make use of faster free Wi-Fi around the city, thanks to BT. It is […]

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  2. 25 October 2016

    Samsung stops sales of Galaxy Note7

    There are concerns that Samsung’s reputation is beyond repair after the decision was made to axe the Galaxy Note7 smartphone […]

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  3. 06 October 2016

    Google unveils Pixel smartphone

    Google has launched its first own-brand smartphone at an event in the East End of London attended by hundreds of […]

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  4. 03 October 2016

    ISPs promise more accurate broadband speeds

    A number of different broadband providers have signed up to a new code that will ensure that they provide accurate […]

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