1. 23 March 2017

    Apple introduces red iPhone 7 and more affordable 9.7-inch iPad

    Apple has announced the availability of several new products from 24 March, including a red-coloured iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 […]

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  2. 21 March 2017

    BT agrees deal to legally separate Openreach

    Customers should expect less-expensive and improved broadband service now that BT has agreed to legally make Openreach a separate entity. […]

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  3. 13 March 2017

    Budget 2017: Chancellor slaps VAT on roaming outside EU

    If you’re planning to go on holiday outside of the EU this summer, then you can expect an increase in […]

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  4. 07 March 2017

    Ofcom orders BT to cut landline-only bills

    Ofcom has stated that it plans to force BT to reduce landline-only bills by at least £5 a month. About […]

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