Over the past few years, mobile devices have become so powerful and capable that many business people now make them their first choice for a computer.

Many of these devices fall into the same class as desktops. They feature massive storage capabilities and the ability to connect to the internet wherever you are, providing you with a workforce that complete their assignments from virtually any location in the world.

The best device for you

Now that tablets and smartphones have become a regular business staple, you may want some advice on how to choose the devices that are best for you, given the wide range of options available.

With so many brands, operating systems and devices from which to choose, selecting the correct device for your company can be problematic.

Choosing the correct mobile solution for you

We can assist you in choosing the mobile device that is best for your business. We can analyse the needs of your business, explain which options make sense for your operations, and help you choose the correct mobile solution, thereby saving you both time and money.

Since we have close partnerships with every major UK network, we can offer you a broad range of devices from the most popular brands. Whether you prefer Samsung, Apple or a different brand, we can provide you with the mobile devices you desire at outstanding prices.

Need help with your Mobile Devices?

Let us help you find what’s right for you.

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What our clients say

“We’ve dealt with Synergy for almost 8 years now. With Synergy we enjoy competitive pricing but just as importantly for our business, we get a fast and efficient service. Having Synergy manage our Vodafone account has taken so much of the hassle away from having to deal with call centre staff at Vodafone. We get straightforward, common sense advice with Synergy and they now manage all our communications not just the mobiles. Looking forward to 10 years and beyond, great service guys!”

Navin Kabariya, Jaysam Contractors

“We have dealt with Synergy for over seven years and have always found them to be polite, friendly and efficient. They have helped us negotiate and renew several landline and mobile contracts, always ensuring the best deal for us.”

Trevor Darton, First Choice Marshalls

"Having been with Synergy Mobile since June 2007, we were pleased to extend the good relationship that had been built and to switch providers on all landline services early this year. The transition was painless and we look forward to continuing with Synergy and our Account Manager for many years.”

Jan Lindsay, Michael Barclay Partnership

“I am always pleased and even surprised when I or my Company receives very good service however with Synergy I am very happy to say that I have come to expect it from you because you always exceed expectations!”

Hazel Sadler, Mobile Freezer Rentals

“We recently had an issue with one of our phones and we just wanted to let you know that we were extremely pleased with our Account Manager’s involvement in the matter. He was excellent at providing updates and ensuring the matter was resolved efficiently. Thank you.”

Chris Rock, Cybex International

“Well done on this transition, you've done a great job at getting us all consolidated for which we are very grateful.”

Joe Binnion, Big Innovation

“Cheers for sorting the guys’ phones out, first-class service as usual.”

Nic Deveraux, Albany Hill Associates

“Many thanks for your help, a cracking service as usual.”

Chris Bull, PCS Logistics

“Thank you so much for your help, you solved my problem brilliantly. I don’t know how I would have dealt with all of this without you, I really appreciate it.”

Louise Bellamy, Professional Social Care Solutions