1. 04 June 2019

    EE first to launch 5G in UK

    EE began its 5G service on 30th May in six UK cities, making it the country’s first mobile provider to […]

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  2. 31 May 2019

    New Ofcom rules will help people get the best phone and broadband deals for their needs

    Providers must notify their mobile phone, landline, pay-TV and broadband customers when the end date of their contract is approaching […]

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  3. 14 May 2019

    EE’s 5G launch imminent

    The first launch of super-fast 5G networks in the UK will be here shortly. While a precise date for the […]

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  4. 08 May 2019

    EE launches customisable Smart Plans

    EE has announced the launch of Smart Plans for its pay monthly customers, which the company describes as the most […]

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  5. 29 April 2019

    Mobile phone driving laws: Here’s everything you need to know

    The dangers of using your mobile phone while you are driving have been widely reported. However, it is a practice […]

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  6. 16 April 2019

    Police detectors to warn drivers using mobile phones

    The Hampshire and Thames Valley forces will begin to use mobile phone detectors to find individuals who are using the […]

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