1. 14 August 2019

    Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 10 lineup

    Samsung has released details of its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10, which will be available in two sizes. The […]

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  2. 06 August 2019

    Autoplay videos and endless scrolling could be banned

    A proposed new bill in the US could ban videos that autoplay on YouTube, Snapstreaks and Facebook’s infinite newsfeed. The […]

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  3. 23 July 2019

    Thinking about upgrading to Apple’s iPhone 11?

    Rumours about the proposed iPhone 11 models have been around since January. Since the initial leaks, speculation has increased that […]

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  4. 15 July 2019

    24% of Brits want their social media and email accounts deleted after they die

    When you die, your friends and family will know who you wish to distribute your physical assets if you leave […]

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  5. 08 July 2019

    Should your boss confiscate your phone?

    Texting your friends or posting social media updates could become less common, as some employers are beginning to confiscate workers’ […]

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  6. 04 July 2019

    Boris Johnson pledges fibre for all by 2025

    The front-runner to become the leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, has made a pledge to provide “full-fibre” internet […]

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