1. 30 November 2023

    UK privacy watchdog sets 30-day deadline for “reject all” cookies

    The UK’s privacy watchdog wants websites to make it easier for visitors to “reject all” cookies. Internet cookies are small […]

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  2. 29 November 2023

    Scotland Health Secretary’s data roaming nightmare a warning for others

    The spotlight on Scotland’s Health Secretary Michael Matheson and his exorbitant mobile phone bill has brought the costs of data […]

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  3. 14 November 2023

    A new study uses smartphone sensors to detect levels of intoxication

    Smartphones could play a key role in reducing alcohol-related deaths in the future after researchers successfully used sensors in the […]

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  4. 06 November 2023

    Research reveals mobile phone use could reduce sperm count and quality

    According to a new study, men who use their mobile phones frequently are likely to have lower sperm counts. The […]

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  5. 02 November 2023

    The UK’s controversial Online Safety Bill becomes law

    The government’s Online Safety Bill has become law. The rules aim to “ensure the online safety of British society”, according […]

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  6. 30 October 2023

    Trade union says increased prices will result from Vodafone and Three merger

    Telecommunications companies Vodafone and Three have denied claims the proposed merger between the two businesses will lead to price hikes […]

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