1. 14 July 2024

    4G and 5G services now available in Elizabeth Line tunnels

    Commuters can now access 4G and 5G mobile services in the tunnels on the Elizabeth Line for the first time, […]

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  2. 02 July 2024

    UK’s ad regulator grapples with “AI washing” in tech industry

    The UK’s advertising regulator is investigating a growing number of over-inflated and misleading claims by tech companies about artificial intelligence. […]

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  3. 28 June 2024

    UK mobile networks turn to AI to improve service quality

    Telecoms networks are using AI to improve the quality of mobile services amid a surge in data-heavy “on-device” computing tasks. […]

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  4. 18 June 2024

    Apple to integrate ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone, iPad and Mac

    Apple is integrating ChatGPT with its voice assistant after unveiling new AI features at its latest annual developer conference. The […]

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  5. 13 June 2024

    Nvidia’s latest stock surge pushes market value past $3tn

    Nvidia is worth more than Apple after its latest share spike pushed its market value to $3tn. The microchip maker […]

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  6. 07 June 2024

    Education Committee recommends consideration of smartphone ban for under-16s

    The next UK government is urged to consider banning smartphones for children, following recommendations from a committee of MPs. A […]

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