1. 29 December 2022

    WhatsApp ends support for 49 older iPhones and Android devices

    WhatsApp will stop working on the iPhone 5c and dozens of other smartphones in January as part of an annual […]

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  2. 21 December 2022

    Seven in 10 UK properties can now access 5G mobile services

    Seven in 10 households can now connect to 5G mobile networks, but the quality of these services is yet to […]

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  3. 19 December 2022

    Twitter relaunches blue-tick service for £6.99 per month in the UK

    Twitter users can pay for verified account status again after the social media platform relaunched its controversial blue-tick service last […]

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  4. 12 December 2022

    30% of people in the UK still send SMS messages daily, study finds

    The humble SMS message is now celebrating its 30th anniversary since the first ever text was sent in 1992. However, […]

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  5. 04 December 2022

    Government urges eligible customers to apply for social tariffs to get cheaper broadband

    The UK government has advised customers on low incomes to apply for cheaper broadband packages via social tariffs to ease […]

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  6. 25 November 2022

    UK households hoarding millions of unused electronics, Virgin Media O2 study finds

    Virgin Media O2 has launched a new initiative to tackle e-waste after its own research found that UK households are […]

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  7. 15 November 2022

    Fax machine set to become a ‘thing of the past’ after Ofcom ruling

    The fax machine could soon become a ‘thing of the past’ after telecoms regulator Ofcom proposed rule changes to scrap […]

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  8. 08 November 2022

    WhatsApp launches new Communities feature

    WhatsApp is launching a new Communities feature that brings together multiple chats and unique features such as polls within one […]

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  9. 03 November 2022

    Openreach plans to cut broadband costs to speed up switch to faster fibre

    BT networking division Openreach is planning to cut the costs of wholesale broadband for the second time in 18 months […]

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  10. 19 October 2022

    Bills for broadband customers set to soar in 2023 says Which?

    Broadband customers could face a £113 hike in annual bills next year if UK internet providers implement inflation-driven price increases, […]

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