1. 17 December 2013

    EE to invest £275m in improving call quality

    EE, the UK’s largest mobile network provider, has announced that it plans to invest a substantial £275m in improving its […]

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  2. 09 December 2013

    EE to bring 4G to more than 150 towns by Christmas

    EE’s aggressive roll-out of its superfast 4G broadband network has continued after the network provider and mobile giant announced that […]

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  3. 03 December 2013

    One billion 4G connections by 2017

    It is expected that more than one billion LTE connections will be in place worldwide by 2017, according to a […]

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  4. 26 November 2013

    4G benefits for business

    A 4G business mobile contract can make a legitimate difference to the way that a business is run, according to […]

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  5. 18 November 2013

    Europe to allow mobile device use during flights

    It has been announced that European airlines will soon be granted the power to allow customers to use their communication […]

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  6. 11 November 2013

    EE launches world’s fastest 4G network in East London Tech City

    EE’s new 300Mbps 4G network will use London’s Tech City as its initial launchpad, according to recent reports. The superfast […]

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  7. 05 November 2013

    Google Nexus 5 announced

    Google has announced its latest smartphone, the Nexus 5, thereby ending weeks of speculation and leaks. The new handset, which […]

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  8. 28 October 2013

    Apple announces the iPad Air and Mini

    Apple has announced the release of its new tablet device, the iPad Air. The new device, which follows a similar […]

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  9. 25 October 2013

    IP-ISDN30: the scalable next generation solution for business

    At Synergy Mobile we are focused on always providing our customers with the very best solutions to their business landline […]

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  10. 14 October 2013

    Apple expected to announce new iPads

    It has been reported that Apple is expected to announce its latest product on 22nd October: a second-generation version of […]

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