A 4G business mobile contract can make a legitimate difference to the way that a business is run, according to O2 Business Director Ben Dowd.  Mr Dowd discussed the matter in a new piece for Mobile News CWP.  These are some of the key takeaways from the piece:

Unlimited ways of working

The latest 4G networks are capable of completely changing the way that companies work, according to Mr Dowd.  The speed and capacity of 4G means that it’s no longer necessary for employees to have a WiFi connection in order to download and view larger files.  Even files such as presentations can easily be sent back-and-forth between different departments, all just by using mobile devices.

Good ROI

Generating an effective return on investment is a vital part of managing any good company, and a 4G device can help.  4G dongles, for instance, can be purchased for company computers, meaning that there’s no need to pay for one expensive broadband service.


One of the keys to running a business is to be flexible in working patterns.  Modern business mobile systems mean that firms can consistently connect with employees, other companies and potential customers on the move.  This, in itself, is invaluable.

Sales will increase

The better the connection that people have to the web, the more likely they are to get involved with buying goods and services.  The increase in 4G speed is excellent news for businesses as a result.  The speeds are strong enough that customers will have no qualms about making purchases on the move.  This means higher profits!

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