1. 04 May 2022

    BT to “simplify things” by using EE as consumer-facing brand

    BT has said that EE will now be its flagship customer-facing brand after stating the need to “simplify things” and […]

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  2. 12 April 2022

    “Fibre in Water” scheme to bring faster broadband to 8,500 homes

    A new “Fibre in Water” scheme being tested in South Yorkshire could bring faster broadband to thousands of homes and […]

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  3. 22 March 2022

    Ofcom says providers must help customers struggling with broadband bills

    Ofcom has told telecoms and broadband providers that they must do more to give support to the 1.1 million UK […]

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  4. 07 February 2022

    Government wants “gigabit-capable” broadband across UK by 2030

    The UK government wants to deliver “gigabit-capable” broadband and 4G and 5G mobile coverage to every part of the country […]

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  5. 25 January 2022

    BT hikes broadband prices amid “dramatic” data usage increase

    BT has said that a “dramatic increase” in data usage has prompted sweeping price rises after it announced last week […]

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  6. 15 November 2021

    Vodafone to reach eight million UK residents with full-fibre broadband by spring

    Vodafone expects to have rolled out its full-fibre broadband to eight million UK residents by spring next year after penning […]

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  7. 18 October 2021

    1,000 schools get gigabit broadband thanks to government investment

    More than a thousand schools in hard-to-reach areas of the UK have been upgraded to ultrafast gigabit broadband as part […]

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  8. 05 October 2021

    Ofcom unveils new process to speed up broadband switching

    Ofcom has put rules in place for a new “one touch” system for switching to a new broadband provider after […]

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  9. 04 August 2021

    Virgin Media O2 to bring full-fibre broadband to 14 million homes by 2028

    Virgin Media O2 reaffirmed its mission to “upgrade the UK” last week after announcing plans to bring full-fibre broadband to […]

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  10. 02 June 2021

    Virgin Media O2 to “shake up” UK market after £31bn merger

    Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has pledged to “upgrade the UK” and offer “unbeatable choice” to consumers after unveiling its new […]

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