1. 24 May 2022

    WhatsApp to end support for older iPhones running iOS 11

    WhatsApp has confirmed that iPhones running outdated iOS software will soon be unable to use the instant messaging app. The […]

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  2. 04 May 2022

    BT to “simplify things” by using EE as consumer-facing brand

    BT has said that EE will now be its flagship customer-facing brand after stating the need to “simplify things” and […]

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  3. 25 April 2022

    Cheaper, smaller networks outperform ‘big four’ mobile providers

    Smaller mobile networks outperform the ‘big four’ providers and are £10 cheaper per month on average, according to the latest […]

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  4. 06 April 2022

    Mobile phones not linked to increased risk of brain tumours, study finds

    A large-scale study has found no evidence that using a mobile phone regularly increases the risk of brain tumours. The […]

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  5. 29 March 2022

    Motorists face penalties as handheld mobile usage is made illegal

    Motorists now face hefty fines and licence penalties for using mobile phones illegally at the wheel after the UK government […]

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  6. 14 March 2022

    New laws for bigger phone masts to eliminate mobile ‘not spots’

    New planning laws will enable mobile network operators in the UK to increase coverage of 4G and 5G and combat […]

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  7. 10 March 2022

    Apple launches new iPhone SE, Mac Studio at latest event

    Apple has announced a new version of its budget iPhone SE, an updated iPad Air and a compact yet powerful […]

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  8. 28 February 2022

    Vodafone, BT and others offer free calls to people in Ukraine

    Major mobile and broadband providers including Vodafone, Three and BT are supporting customers either in Ukraine or with friends and […]

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  9. 21 February 2022

    Virgin Mobile and O2 to increase phone bills by 11.7% from April

    Virgin Mobile and O2 customers face an inflation-busting 11.7% increase in the cost of their phone bills from April. O2 […]

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  10. 14 February 2022

    Samsung uses recycled fishnets in new Galaxy smartphone range

    Samsung has launched three new Galaxy smartphones, the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, which all have internal components made from […]

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