1. 25 March 2020

    Mobile location data helps government track movement amid coronavirus outbreak

    The government is using smartphone location data to determine whether the general public is adhering to the social distancing guidelines […]

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  2. 17 March 2020

    Health officials recommend cleaning smartphones to contain coronavirus

    Smartphones act as a host for bacteria and should be cleaned regularly to combat the spread of coronavirus according to […]

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  3. 10 March 2020

    One billion Android devices exposed to security risks

    More than a billion older Android smartphones with legacy operating software are a security risk and could be exposed to […]

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  4. 05 March 2020

    Apple agrees to pay $500m settlement for slowing down iPhones

    Older iPhone owners in the US could get $25 per handset after Apple agreed to pay a $500m (£391m) settlement […]

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  5. 27 February 2020

    UK mobile providers increase pay-monthly prices in line with inflation

    Three and O2 customers with pay-monthly contracts will have to shell out slightly more for the services in the coming […]

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  6. 18 February 2020

    Samsung launches Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy Z Flip

    Samsung lifted the lid on its latest line-up of flagship smartphones last week with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and […]

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  7. 11 February 2020

    EU roaming charges could return after Brexit transition period

    Mobile customers may have to pay roaming charges when travelling within the European Union after the Brexit transition period ends […]

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  8. 04 February 2020

    Most children sleep with mobile phone by their bed

    The majority of children now go to sleep with a smartphone by their bedside according to a new report by […]

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  9. 28 January 2020

    Vodafone named the worst provider for broadband, landline and mobile

    Vodafone racked up the most complaints for its broadband, landline and mobile services among UK providers for the second quarter […]

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  10. 15 January 2020

    Mobile phones in classrooms can be a force for good, says leading head teacher

    The use of mobile phones in schools has been a topic of debate for some time. Many schools have their […]

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