1. 28 January 2020

    Vodafone named the worst provider for broadband, landline and mobile

    Vodafone racked up the most complaints for its broadband, landline and mobile services among UK providers for the second quarter […]

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  2. 31 May 2019

    New Ofcom rules will help people get the best phone and broadband deals for their needs

    Providers must notify their mobile phone, landline, pay-TV and broadband customers when the end date of their contract is approaching […]

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  3. 08 January 2019

    Landline calls halve while mobile data use increases tenfold

    During the past six years, the length of time that British phone users spent on landline calls dropped by 50% […]

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  4. 26 February 2018

    BT told to share network with rivals for full fibre

    To hasten the availability of ultra-fast broadband, regulator Ofcom has published several new regulations that make it less expensive for […]

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  5. 21 March 2017

    BT agrees deal to legally separate Openreach

    Customers should expect less-expensive and improved broadband service now that BT has agreed to legally make Openreach a separate entity. […]

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  6. 07 March 2017

    Ofcom orders BT to cut landline-only bills

    Ofcom has stated that it plans to force BT to reduce landline-only bills by at least £5 a month. About […]

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  7. 30 January 2017

    BT announces price increases

    BT has announced that it will increase prices on landline and broadband services and that customers will begin paying to […]

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  8. 17 January 2017

    New BT service aims to crack down on nuisance calls

    BT has announced a new service that could largely eliminate nuisance phone calls. Its service lets customers easily block the […]

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  9. 26 November 2015

    VoIP services – SIP trunking v hosted PBX

    The popularity of VoIP has been growing in recent years and users will know that there are several options open […]

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  10. 10 November 2015

    BT tackles scammers with exchange upgrade

    BT has upgraded its exchanges to help to beat the problems of scammers using lines that are left open. Scammers […]

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