1. 22 December 2021

    How to prepare your new tech for Christmas Day

    Gifting a new smartphone or game console can make someone’s Christmas, but it’s important to check whether a new device […]

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  2. 21 December 2021

    UK watchdog wants to tackle Apple and Google’s mobile market dominance

    Apple and Google’s “vice-like grip” on the mobile phone market is limiting innovation and creating higher prices and less choice […]

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  3. 13 December 2021

    Slower 2G and 3G mobile services to be phased out by 2033

    Older 2G and 3G mobile services will be phased out by 2033 at the latest as part of the UK […]

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  4. 06 December 2021

    Vodafone asks Brits to donate unwanted phones for ‘ReBoxing Day’

    Vodafone has put a festive twist on its ongoing ‘everyone connected’ initiative after asking Brits to donate unused smartphones, tablets […]

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  5. 29 November 2021

    Vodafone to use self-powered masts to deliver coverage to rural areas

    Vodafone will use “self-sufficient” mobile phone masts to deliver 4G and 5G services to customers in rural areas after teaming […]

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  6. 22 November 2021

    Apple to launch self-service repairs for iPhones in early 2022

    Apple is finally allowing consumers the right to repair their own devices after announcing a new self-service programme that will […]

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  7. 15 November 2021

    Vodafone to reach eight million UK residents with full-fibre broadband by spring

    Vodafone expects to have rolled out its full-fibre broadband to eight million UK residents by spring next year after penning […]

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  8. 01 November 2021

    Facebook wants to build new tech after rebranding to ‘Meta’

    Facebook has announced a major rebrand with a new corporate name, Meta, after outlining plans to build a “metaverse” based […]

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  9. 25 October 2021

    Google launches Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones

    Google has launched two new premium smartphones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, powered by its own Tensor chip, […]

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  10. 18 October 2021

    1,000 schools get gigabit broadband thanks to government investment

    More than a thousand schools in hard-to-reach areas of the UK have been upgraded to ultrafast gigabit broadband as part […]

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