1. 21 December 2015

    Android, iOS or Windows: which OS is right for me?

    Finding the right smartphone is not an easy task, as there are so many options to choose from. There is […]

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  2. 16 December 2015

    Vodafone adds 28 new countries to WorldTraveller

    A total of 28 new destinations have been added to Vodafone’s WorldTraveller scheme, meaning that customers registered for both Vodafone […]

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  3. 07 December 2015

    Ofcom launches free Wi-Fi app to improve broadband

    Ofcom has launched a free-to-use app that checks the quality of both residential and business broadband. The app, which can […]

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  4. 26 November 2015

    VoIP services – SIP trunking v hosted PBX

    The popularity of VoIP has been growing in recent years and users will know that there are several options open […]

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  5. 17 November 2015

    PM pledges fast broadband for all by 2020

    The prime minister has promised that everyone in the UK will be able to access faster broadband services by 2020 […]

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  6. 10 November 2015

    BT tackles scammers with exchange upgrade

    BT has upgraded its exchanges to help to beat the problems of scammers using lines that are left open. Scammers […]

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  7. 04 November 2015

    BT’s £12.5bn takeover of EE wins approval

    It has been announced that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had provisionally approved the takeover of EE by BT. […]

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  8. 19 October 2015

    What does the end of ISDN mean for businesses?

    BT has recently announced that by 2025, the use of ISDN and PSTN services is going to be phased out. […]

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  9. 14 October 2015

    Why business users should consider Microsoft’s new Lumia 950

    The new Lumia 950 has been launched at a Windows event along with a number of other devices, including the […]

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  10. 05 October 2015

    Vodafone challenges EE for best network performance in London

    New tests have shown that Vodafone is challenging EE’s place as the leading provider of mobile services in London. The […]

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