A total of 28 new destinations have been added to Vodafone’s WorldTraveller scheme, meaning that customers registered for both Vodafone EuroTraveller and Vodafone WordTraveller can now use their UK data, minutes and texts when they travel to 98 different countries.

The facility to use their UK phone package in other countries will cost from just £3 per day (including VAT where applicable) and will help customers to keep their bills under control when they are abroad. Users will also benefit from the charges for data usage being the same when abroad as when at home, including charges for data used out of the bundle. Customers will not be charged to receive a call or a text, and charges will only be made for days when the phone is used.

In related news, those who are taking advantage of Vodafone Business Traveller will find that there are now an additional 54 destinations on the list of countries where they can enjoy cheap mobile phone usage. This means there are now almost 100 countries around the world where business users can keep their UK tariff in place, paying from just £3 per day for the privilege. Countries that are popular with business travellers, such as India, the UAE and Australia, are all on the list.

A number of countries have also been added to the list of 4G roaming destinations, with Uruguay and Turks & Caicos among the most recent. 4G customers can enjoy faster data speeds even if they are not on one of the Traveller schemes in 73 different countries around the world. This is more destinations than offered by any other mobile phone provider in the UK.