Ofcom has launched a free-to-use app that checks the quality of both residential and business broadband.

The app, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices, will help people to make the most of their broadband connection and is being launched at the same time as the Connected Nations 2015 report, also issued by Ofcom. The aim of the report is to take an analytical look at the various telecoms systems and networks of the UK.

The report suggests that wireless broadband is not performing as well as it should and this could be affecting as many as six million homes and offices. Ofcom believes this problem is caused by the Wi-Fi connections. 7.5 million homes and businesses are connected to superfast services with a speed of 30Mbps or more, with almost 24 million able to access lower superfast speeds.

Ofcom has attributed this availability to the work completed by BT, Virgin Media and the government. The report also suggests that broadband services in rural areas are now improving.

The report also identifies a number of challenges, with around 2.4 million homes unable to obtain a speed of more than 10Mbps. The statistics are higher in rural areas. It is also estimates that around half of small- and medium-sized businesses are struggling to obtain speeds of more than 10Mbps.

The watchdog believes that even when coverage of superfast broadband is at 95%, 18% of SMEs will still be unable to access superfast services.