1. 09 April 2024

    Google tests AI-powered answers to search queries in UK

    Google has started testing AI-powered answers to search engine queries in the UK. The new feature delivers an AI-generated overview […]

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  2. 24 January 2024

    BT Group to turn 60,000 green cabinets into EV charging points

    EV charging is about to get a significant boost in the UK after BT Group confirmed thousands of its green […]

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  3. 08 January 2024

    Microsoft adds dedicated AI button, Copilot, to its keyboards

    Microsoft is adding a new AI-powered Copilot key to its physical keyboards as it continues its recent chatbot push. The […]

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  4. 13 December 2023

    Tech giants including Amazon and Google promise action on fraud

    A number of technology giants have pledged to take action on fraud following a meeting with Home Secretary James Cleverly. […]

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  5. 30 November 2023

    UK privacy watchdog sets 30-day deadline for “reject all” cookies

    The UK’s privacy watchdog wants websites to make it easier for visitors to “reject all” cookies. Internet cookies are small […]

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  6. 02 November 2023

    The UK’s controversial Online Safety Bill becomes law

    The government’s Online Safety Bill has become law. The rules aim to “ensure the online safety of British society”, according […]

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  7. 19 October 2023

    The UK wants to be 6G leader after joining global telecoms coalition

    The UK has joined a new global telecoms coalition that aims to improve the quality and resilience of telecommunications networks. […]

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  8. 01 September 2023

    Big tech companies scrabble to meet EU’s stringent Digital Services Act (DSA)

    Big tech companies will now have to comply with stringent rules under the new EU Digital Services Act (DSA) or […]

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  9. 07 August 2023

    Google says Bard users should fact-check responses in search engine

    Google says its AI chatbot, Bard, is prone to making mistakes and urges users to fact-check responses via its search […]

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  10. 18 July 2023

    More than a quarter of adults in UK have used generative AI

    More than one in four UK adults have used generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new survey. The Deloitte […]

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