1. 30 July 2018

    New device stops drink-drivers from starting their cars

    Drink-drivers may soon need to install an alcohol interlock in their vehicles to keep them from driving after they have […]

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  2. 29 May 2018

    At what age should you give your child a mobile phone?

    Is there an age that is too young for a child to have a mobile phone? Unlike laws concerning driving […]

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  3. 21 May 2018

    Are you getting the best mobile and broadband deal?

    According to a report by telecoms regulator Ofcom, about 1.5 million UK households pay a higher monthly fee than necessary […]

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  4. 15 May 2018

    BT to cut 13,000 jobs

    BT has announced plans to cut 13,000 jobs during the next three years as part of its restructuring plan to […]

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  5. 23 April 2018

    Poor indoor mobile coverage hindering productivity

    According to a survey commissioned by CommScope, 23% of office workers in the UK suffer from reduced productivity at least […]

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  6. 04 April 2018

    Apple introduces new 9.7-inch iPad

    Apple introduced its new 9.7-inch iPad during last week’s education event in Chicago. The latest version of the device is […]

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  7. 08 January 2018

    Apple chip warning

    Apple has issued a statement confirming that two flaws in Intel and ARM microprocessors have affected all iPads, Mac computers […]

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  8. 04 December 2017

    Government commits £500m to 5G, AI and fibre broadband

    Chancellor Philip Hammond recently announced in the Autumn Budget that the Government will commit £500m to 5G, artificial intelligence and […]

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  9. 23 October 2017

    Mobile phone networks overcharging customers after contract ends

    Three of the UK’s largest mobile phone providers routinely overcharge their customers by continuing to bill them for their mobile […]

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  10. 25 August 2017

    Using your phone as a sat nav without breaking the law

    It has been against the law since December 2003 for drivers to use hand-held mobile phones, even when stopped while […]

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