1. 18 May 2022

    Apple to discontinue iPod 20 years after its initial launch

    Apple has discontinued the iconic iPod after claiming that its functionality is now redundant in the era of feature-rich smartphones. […]

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  2. 12 May 2022

    Simple password mistakes expose online accounts, Uswitch study finds

    New research by Uswitch has found that more than a quarter of online users are potentially exposing their accounts to […]

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  3. 01 February 2022

    Apple updates safety guide for AirTags amid harassment fears

    Apple has published a new safety guide to help people who are worried about “technology-enabled” abuse and harassment amid concerns […]

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  4. 22 December 2021

    How to prepare your new tech for Christmas Day

    Gifting a new smartphone or game console can make someone’s Christmas, but it’s important to check whether a new device […]

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  5. 01 November 2021

    Facebook wants to build new tech after rebranding to ‘Meta’

    Facebook has announced a major rebrand with a new corporate name, Meta, after outlining plans to build a “metaverse” based […]

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  6. 11 October 2021

    Sky ditches satellite dish with launch of streaming TV

    Sky is bringing the ultimate cord-cutting device to the market in the form of ‘Sky Glass’, a new 4K TV […]

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  7. 06 September 2021

    New digital privacy code for children comes into effect in the UK

    A new digital code designed to protect children’s privacy and shield them from inappropriate online ads and engagement tactics has […]

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  8. 22 April 2021

    Apple launches AirTags, iMacs and 5G iPad Pro at Spring Loaded event

    Apple launched a range of new products including AirTags, colourful entry-level iMacs and a more powerful 5G iPad Pro at […]

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  9. 21 January 2020

    Microsoft ends Windows 7 support

    Microsoft ended support for the Windows 7 operating system last Tuesday more than a decade after its initial release date […]

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  10. 23 August 2019

    Brits hoarding millions of old gadgets

    People in the UK are storing away as many as 40 million electronic devices in their homes, many of which […]

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