1. 21 January 2020

    Microsoft ends Windows 7 support

    Microsoft ended support for the Windows 7 operating system last Tuesday more than a decade after its initial release date […]

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  2. 23 August 2019

    Brits hoarding millions of old gadgets

    People in the UK are storing away as many as 40 million electronic devices in their homes, many of which […]

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  3. 15 July 2019

    24% of Brits want their social media and email accounts deleted after they die

    When you die, your friends and family will know who you wish to distribute your physical assets if you leave […]

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  4. 26 June 2019

    Apple to replace iTunes with three apps

    Apple has confirmed that it is replacing its iTunes app with three separate apps for music, podcasts, and shows and […]

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  5. 30 July 2018

    New device stops drink-drivers from starting their cars

    Drink-drivers may soon need to install an alcohol interlock in their vehicles to keep them from driving after they have […]

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  6. 29 May 2018

    At what age should you give your child a mobile phone?

    Is there an age that is too young for a child to have a mobile phone? Unlike laws concerning driving […]

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  7. 21 May 2018

    Are you getting the best mobile and broadband deal?

    According to a report by telecoms regulator Ofcom, about 1.5 million UK households pay a higher monthly fee than necessary […]

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  8. 15 May 2018

    BT to cut 13,000 jobs

    BT has announced plans to cut 13,000 jobs during the next three years as part of its restructuring plan to […]

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  9. 23 April 2018

    Poor indoor mobile coverage hindering productivity

    According to a survey commissioned by CommScope, 23% of office workers in the UK suffer from reduced productivity at least […]

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  10. 04 April 2018

    Apple introduces new 9.7-inch iPad

    Apple introduced its new 9.7-inch iPad during last week’s education event in Chicago. The latest version of the device is […]

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