Apple is finally allowing consumers the right to repair their own devices after announcing a new self-service programme that will launch in the US early next year.

In a surprise U-turn, Apple said that 200 genuine parts and tools will be made available to anyone who wants to fix the screens, cameras and batteries in their iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

The move comes amid growing pressure from the US government as it looks to implement new legislation that makes it easier for consumers to repair things they own, from smartphones to vehicles.

Apple has resisted a growing right-to-repair movement for years, claiming that it would be “dangerous” for people to open up iPhones and replace parts.

Now, this has changed as anyone who is “comfortable” with repairs can try to fix devices, though Apple still urges customers to frequent a certified professional repair shop for most problems.

While experts say that Apple’s programme is mainly to appease regulators, it is excellent news for consumers as they will be able to access more affordable repairs, with industry insiders claiming that it is a “massive win”.

“By designing products for durability, longevity, and increased repairability, customers enjoy a long-lasting product that holds its value for years,” the company noted.

The service will launch initially in the US in early 2022 with the necessary parts and tools for a range of repairs for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Apple said that individual customers will join more than 7,800 Apple-authorised or independent repair providers.