1. 19 October 2015

    What does the end of ISDN mean for businesses?

    BT has recently announced that by 2025, the use of ISDN and PSTN services is going to be phased out. […]

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  2. 29 July 2015

    Ofcom considering separation of Openreach from BT

    The telecoms regulator Ofcom is carrying out a review into digital communications and is considering separating BT from its Openreach […]

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  3. 18 March 2015

    Ofcom launches new review of the telecoms market

    Industry experts have welcomed the announcement that Ofcom is to carry out a review into the telecoms industry. The watchdog […]

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  4. 09 March 2015

    Do we really need quad play?

    The telecoms market is currently undergoing a rapid change and all the top providers are doing their best to ensure […]

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  5. 13 October 2014

    Openreach announces the launch of Business 2 Plus

    BT Openreach announced on 22nd September that it is introducing Business 2 Plus, a new service maintenance level solely for […]

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  6. 25 October 2013

    IP-ISDN30: the scalable next generation solution for business

    At Synergy Mobile we are focused on always providing our customers with the very best solutions to their business landline […]

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  7. 08 October 2013

    Choosing the right business landline

    One of the things that set a professional business apart from the competition is having a genuine business phone line.  […]

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