At Synergy Mobile we are focused on always providing our customers with the very best solutions to their business landline needs.  The IP-ISDN30 is our latest next generation service and is the first true alternative to BT’s ISDN service.

What does IP-ISDN30 offer?

Essentially, IP-ISDN30 enables you as the customer to have up to 30 concurrent voice circuits working on the same dedicated bearer circuit. It provides an IP telephony platform that can evolve with your needs.   

What are the benefits?

Firstly, our ISDN30 service is cheaper than the competition.  Compared to BT’s own ISDN service, it is possible to save up to 40% – a substantial amount for any business that makes frequent use of its telephone lines.  We also offer free of charge installation subject to contract and availability, so there is no outlay for this service.

What are the options?

Our customers can choose from a range of scalable options designed to meet their needs.  ISDN and SIP versions can be used on the same single interface, with a total capacity of up to 50 channels.  There are also a number of other commonly used features such as out-of-area numbering, legacy number retention, DDI, call barring and presentation numbers. Unlike BT’s own ISDN service there are no charges for DDI set up, planning or out-of-area numbers.

What support is offered?

In order to ensure that all our customers receive the very best level of care with their IP-ISDN30, we offer a 9 hour service level fix as standard, 24/7/365; standard BT ISDN service level is up to 48 hours (end of following working day).  The migration itself is carried out by our expert team, ensuring you receive a fully-managed onsite installation with no disruption to your service.

If you would like a quote on the IP-ISDN30 service, contact Synergy Mobile today.

Source: Talk Talk Business