Apple has announced the release of its new tablet device, the iPad Air.

The new device, which follows a similar naming pattern to the MacBook, will be released on 1st November.  It is 20% thinner than the previous iPad model and weighs around 470g.

The model will come in three colours: white, silver and black.

In terms of technology, the new iPad will run iOS 7 and will contain a more powerful processor than the previous model.  It has a 9.7-inch Retina Display.

The fingerprint scanner found on the latest iPhone models has not been included.

Apple chose to announce the new model on the same day that Nokia announced its first-ever tablet, the Lumia 2520.  There have been other tablet models announced in recent weeks, including Tesco’s £119 Hudl and the new MyTablet, which costs £99.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the iPad had gone from strength to strength in the three years since its announcement, despite receiving criticism in the early days.

Mr Cook said: “We really believed in our vision, and iPad has gone on to become one of the most successful products in Apple’s history and one of the most successful in the industry. Now everyone seems to be making a tablet, even some of the doubters.”

As well as announcing the iPad Air, Apple also announced the release of the new iPad Mini, which will feature a 7.9-inch Retina Display.  The Mini is expected to be released with a price tag of £319.

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