1. 05 February 2023

    Broadband prices set to skyrocket with inflation

    UK telecoms providers are set to increase broadband prices by an inflation-busting 14% from April in a move consumer watchdog […]

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  2. 06 January 2023

    CityFibre successfully completes 2Gbps broadband trial in York

    CityFibre says it is a step closer to delivering “multi-gig” full-fibre services to customers after a successful trial in York […]

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  3. 04 December 2022

    Government urges eligible customers to apply for social tariffs to get cheaper broadband

    The UK government has advised customers on low incomes to apply for cheaper broadband packages via social tariffs to ease […]

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  4. 03 November 2022

    Openreach plans to cut broadband costs to speed up switch to faster fibre

    BT networking division Openreach is planning to cut the costs of wholesale broadband for the second time in 18 months […]

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  5. 19 October 2022

    Bills for broadband customers set to soar in 2023 says Which?

    Broadband customers could face a £113 hike in annual bills next year if UK internet providers implement inflation-driven price increases, […]

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  6. 02 September 2022

    UK government scales back gigabit broadband target to 85% of premises by 2025

    The UK government has scaled back its previously ambitious target to deliver gigabit broadband to all homes and businesses across […]

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  7. 08 August 2022

    Which? wants VAT cut to help 5.7 million households struggling with mobile and broadband costs

    Millions of UK households have been forced to cut back on spending on food and clothes to pay for mobile […]

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  8. 02 August 2022

    Citizens Advice wants Ofcom to tackle mobile and broadband ‘loyalty penalty’

    One in seven broadband and mobile customers are paying a ‘loyalty penalty’ for not switching to a new provider at […]

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  9. 19 July 2022

    Virgin Media O2 exploring potential £3bn deal to buy TalkTalk

    Virgin Media O2 wants to make a multi-billion pound offer to acquire rival TalkTalk as it plans to challenge BT […]

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  10. 04 May 2022

    BT to “simplify things” by using EE as consumer-facing brand

    BT has said that EE will now be its flagship customer-facing brand after stating the need to “simplify things” and […]

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