1. 18 May 2022

    Apple to discontinue iPod 20 years after its initial launch

    Apple has discontinued the iconic iPod after claiming that its functionality is now redundant in the era of feature-rich smartphones. […]

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  2. 12 May 2022

    Simple password mistakes expose online accounts, Uswitch study finds

    New research by Uswitch has found that more than a quarter of online users are potentially exposing their accounts to […]

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  3. 04 May 2022

    BT to “simplify things” by using EE as consumer-facing brand

    BT has said that EE will now be its flagship customer-facing brand after stating the need to “simplify things” and […]

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  4. 25 April 2022

    Cheaper, smaller networks outperform ‘big four’ mobile providers

    Smaller mobile networks outperform the ‘big four’ providers and are £10 cheaper per month on average, according to the latest […]

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  5. 12 April 2022

    “Fibre in Water” scheme to bring faster broadband to 8,500 homes

    A new “Fibre in Water” scheme being tested in South Yorkshire could bring faster broadband to thousands of homes and […]

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  6. 06 April 2022

    Mobile phones not linked to increased risk of brain tumours, study finds

    A large-scale study has found no evidence that using a mobile phone regularly increases the risk of brain tumours. The […]

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