1. 25 February 2021

    WhatsApp sets May deadline for consent to new privacy terms

    WhatsApp users have less than three months to accept the company’s controversial new privacy terms or risk losing access to […]

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  2. 16 February 2021

    O2 fined £10.5m by Ofcom for double-charging leaving customers

    Ofcom has fined mobile provider O2 £10.5m for a billing error that double-charged customers for leaving the network. Around 140,000 […]

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  3. 09 February 2021

    BT launches new home broadband backed up by EE’s mobile network

    BT is joining forces with EE to offer an “unbreakable” home internet service that will keep customers connected so that […]

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  4. 03 February 2021

    Millions of people struggling to pay for broadband during lockdown

    Citizens Advice has urged the UK government to make broadband more affordable for people during the pandemic, after its own […]

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  5. 29 January 2021

    Broadband customers overpaying millions due to missed warnings

    A third of UK broadband customers did not receive an end-of-contract notification from providers last year and subsequently overpaid by […]

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  6. 19 January 2021

    Mobile networks sign up to offer free mobile data to schoolchildren

    UK mobile networks have agreed to join a new government scheme that will help disadvantaged schoolchildren to access the internet […]

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