1. 12 September 2019

    Apple unveils iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models

    Apple has unveiled its latest smartphones – the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – that […]

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  2. 02 September 2019

    Half of parents want mobiles banned in schools

    About 49% of parents in the UK would like their child’s school to ban mobile phones, according to a survey […]

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  3. 27 August 2019

    Apple planning to launch three new iPhones

    Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones at an event next month, with the handsets likely to go on […]

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  4. 23 August 2019

    Brits hoarding millions of old gadgets

    People in the UK are storing away as many as 40 million electronic devices in their homes, many of which […]

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  5. 14 August 2019

    Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 10 lineup

    Samsung has released details of its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10, which will be available in two sizes. The […]

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  6. 06 August 2019

    Autoplay videos and endless scrolling could be banned

    A proposed new bill in the US could ban videos that autoplay on YouTube, Snapstreaks and Facebook’s infinite newsfeed. The […]

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