1. 11 August 2021

    Vodafone becomes second UK operator to bring back roaming charges in EU

    Vodafone said on Monday that including roaming in mobile plans “costs us money” as it confirmed the reintroduction of charges […]

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  2. 04 August 2021

    Virgin Media O2 to bring full-fibre broadband to 14 million homes by 2028

    Virgin Media O2 reaffirmed its mission to “upgrade the UK” last week after announcing plans to bring full-fibre broadband to […]

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  3. 27 July 2021

    Uncertainty continues over mobile roaming charges in Europe

    Vodafone currently offers the lowest “fair usage” costs for mobile customers using data in Europe amid ongoing uncertainty about whether […]

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  4. 19 July 2021

    WhatsApp testing new feature that lets users send messages without smartphones

    WhatsApp wants users to message other people on up to four devices with a new system that will no longer […]

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  5. 13 July 2021

    NHS COVID-19 app changing for end of social distancing rules

    The NHS contact tracing app will be updated to take new social distancing rules into account later this month, according […]

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  6. 05 July 2021

    Government wants smartphone ban to create calmer classrooms

    The government wants to make classrooms calmer and more productive for students after proposing a complete ban on smartphones as […]

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