Monthly Archives: January 2018

January 30, 2018

UK reaches 95% broadband goal

On Monday, the government praised the closing of the UK’s “digital divide” and confirmed the report by that 95% of businesses and homes in the UK now had access to superfast broadband connections that exceeded 24Mbps. However, the report … Read more >

January 24, 2018

Is Apple hysteria wide of the mark?

In December 2017, Apple issued a statement saying that it had intentionally throttled the CPU speed on older models of iPhones to extend the life of degrading batteries and to prevent the phones from shutting down suddenly. However, many Apple … Read more >

January 17, 2018

iPhone battery replacement delayed

Some users of older iPhones may need to wait until March for Apple to keep its promise to replace the phones’ batteries at a reduced cost. UK and US customers have been reporting on social media that Apple Store staff … Read more >

January 8, 2018

Apple chip warning

Apple has issued a statement confirming that two flaws in Intel and ARM microprocessors have affected all iPads, Mac computers and iPhones. The company said that the Spectre and Meltdown flaws could expose millions of their customers to hackers. To … Read more >

January 3, 2018

Apple admits slowing down older iPhones

Apple has issued an apology after being criticised for admitting that it has deliberately slowed down older iPhone models with low-capacity batteries. The company claimed that it has taken this action to extend the life of the phones by preventing … Read more >