It has been revealed that Vodafone has made HD Voice technology available to its customers in the UK.

The HD technology helps to improve the quality of a call, as it is able to capture more sound waves and keep the background noise to a minimum.  HD Voice technology will be made available to Vodafone customers using the 3G network who are calling people using the same network.

HD Voice technology is able to capture the sound waves much faster than a standard call.  With the help of a broader range of frequencies, call clarity can be improved and the sound of a voice will be much clearer.

At the present time there are 60 mobile handsets compatible with this new technology, which will switch over to it when in range.  Customers will be able to enjoy the calls at the standard rate; in addition, those who are on 4G will be able to use this technology when using 3G services to make a call.

HD Voice is just one aspect of the company’s investment in services.  Vodafone has committed £1bn to improving its network so far this year and has accumulated more than one million 4G customers since August 2013, with the service now available right across the country.

Fergal Kelly, Vodafone’s UK technology director, has confirmed that the company is committed to bringing better call quality to its customers throughout the country.