1. 29 June 2015

    Everything you need to know about EE Wi-Fi Calling

    EE launched its Wi-Fi Calling service recently and customers can now make a phone call, send a text message or […]

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  2. 23 June 2015

    Ofcom makes switching broadband provider easier

    Ofcom has introduced new broadband switching rules to make it easier for consumers to change provider. The new process moves […]

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  3. 15 June 2015

    5 ways to call from your mobile for less

    Using a mobile tariff with an allowance of free minutes is usually the best way to obtain cheap calls; however, […]

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  4. 02 June 2015

    BT urged to improve high-speed broadband in central London

    Businesses have warned BT that problems with accessing superfast broadband in central London could harm the local economy. Westminster Council […]

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