1. 26 July 2016

    Vodafone UK extends 4G roaming to 101 countries

    Vodafone has just extended its 4G roaming service to cover 101 countries, putting it ahead of other UK providers. The […]

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  2. 19 July 2016

    EE customers can get BT Sport for free

    A new offer from EE allows customers to get access to BT Sport for free for a period of six […]

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  3. 11 July 2016

    Plummeting pound hits phone prices

    British visitors to the US are no longer able to rely on picking up an iPhone cheaply thanks to the […]

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  4. 04 July 2016

    Will Brexit affect roaming charges?

    There are concerns that the impending exit of the UK from the EU is going to affect the plans to […]

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