Sales figures have shown that Android phones are taking the lion’s share of the market, with more than 86% of smartphone sales being Android-based handsets.

The figures, which have been compiled by Gartner, show that Android accounted for 86.2% of all smartphones sales during the last quarter. The report also looks at individual manufacturers, and Apple is still one of the top-sellers in this category, only being narrowly beaten by Samsung. Apple commanded around 13% of the market last quarter, which was a small drop year-on-year but still a respectable share.

Samsung has the largest market share of handsets, and in the previous quarter, it took 22.3% of sales. The top five manufacturers’ slots are rounded out by Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. More than half of all smartphone sales for the last quarter are accounted for by these five manufacturers, with the rest adding up to just 46%.

One of the issues that Apple is experiencing is that in developing nations, it is hard to sell such expensive phones. Chinese manufacturers, on the other hand, offer much more affordable handsets with a good range of features.

Despite the differences in manufacturer sales, nearly all new smartphones are running Android operating systems. Windows operating systems accounted for just 0.6% of sales in the quarter from April through June 2016. During the same period last year, Windows had a share of 2.5% of sales. Blackberry has also seen a fall in sales, accounting for just 0.1% of sales in the second quarter of this year. It would now seem that Android does not really have a rival in the smartphone market.