EE has come out on top as the overall best network for connection performance after Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) performed extensive tests on Android and iOS devices.

GWS carried out the tests in August and September, collating a total of 987,000 data tests and voice tests. This is the first time that these tests have been conducted on Android and iOS operating systems at the same time.

Testing took place in a number of different cities, including Belfast, Bradford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. When scores were combined for mobile Internet and voice calls, EE was ranked as the overall best in the majority of these areas.

Rivals Vodafone and O2 matched EE’s top scores in nine of the 17 cities tested, and Three achieved top scores along with EE in eight cities. Three was also the best network for overall voice quality, thanks to its use of VoLTE technology, which deals with “notspots” located indoors. This technology is also known as 4G Super-Voice.

In Northern cities, O2 was ranked as the best network for 4G, reaching top scores in four of the seven areas tested. EE achieved ranking as the top network for 4G in the South of England on the basis of 4G connection time.

The CEO of GWS, Paul Carter, said that through the testing of top-of-the-range devices, the data is more thorough and much more representative of the actual experience of the customer. The GWS report also includes an analysis of Internet usage. Its research shows that people are spending more time online and more time using social media sites. The data also reveals that for every six Internet minutes, three minutes are spent on a smartphone or other mobile device and one minute is spent checking on social media sites.