1. 25 August 2017

    Using your phone as a sat nav without breaking the law

    It has been against the law since December 2003 for drivers to use hand-held mobile phones, even when stopped while […]

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  2. 23 August 2017

    Mobile signal reception not good enough on trains

    According to mobile communications provider Cobham Wireless, about 52% of UK rail commuters are unable to work at times during […]

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  3. 14 August 2017

    London Underground to have mobile phone coverage by 2019

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has committed to eradicating “not spots” on the London Underground by installing complete mobile […]

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  4. 08 August 2017

    New Apple Watch could work without iPhone

    According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new Apple Watch that does not need a Bluetooth connection to an iPhone […]

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