A new study reports that EE offers the highest mobile phone network speeds in eight of Great Britain’s 11 regions, including Wales and Scotland. In the remaining three regions, mobile provider Three virtually matched EE’s performance,

OpenSignal conducted the research by evaluating the speed of mobile networks throughout Great Britain from June through August. It compared the speeds of major providers in Wales and Scotland as well as England’s nine regional divisions.

The study found that EE offered the highest 4G speeds on a national level, with an average speed of 29 Mbps. The provider with the next-highest speeds was Three, whose average speed was about six Mbps slower than EE. Vodafone ranked third in average speed, while O2 ranked fourth.

In three regions of England (East, North East and East Midlands), the average speed for EE and Three was a “statistical draw.” While the speed numbers were not identical in these regions, the average download speeds were very close.

The only area where Three lead over EE was the North East region. Here, Three averaged 30 Mbps compared to EE’s average of 27.9 Mbps.

O2 performed at its best in the East of England, with an average speed of 17.3 Mbps. Vodafone experienced its best performance in the North West, with an average speed of 22 Mbps.

Vodafone was also able to perform better in the London area than Three, with an average speed of 21.1 Mbps compared to Three’s 14.5 Mbps.