According to a survey commissioned by CommScope, 23% of office workers in the UK suffer from reduced productivity at least once a week because of poor mobile phone connectivity at work.

OnePoll, which conducted the survey for CommScope, asked 2,000 office workers about how mobile phone connectivity affected their work productivity.

In total, 77% of the respondents said that mobile connectivity is important for their ability to complete work-related tasks, including making and receiving phone calls and using information gathered on mobile devices to keep current with developments.

Despite the importance of good mobile coverage for productivity at work, 44% of the respondents revealed that they need to go outdoors to access 4G data services or make a phone call because of poor mobile connectivity indoors. Also, 73% of those surveyed said that poor indoor mobile coverage has decreased their work efficiency.

The report highlighted significant regional differences in terms of the quality of indoor mobile connectivity. In the West Midlands, London and Yorkshire, 42% of the workers surveyed reported reliable indoor mobile connectivity, while only 7% of workers in the North East and Wales made a similar claim. Workers in Wales reported the most instances of receiving no signal at all.

CommScope’s Senior Vice President of Service Providers International, Phil Sorsky, said: “Workplaces are transforming – from flexible working to a growing culture of hot-desking and shared office space – and there is a clear requirement for the provision of cellular coverage to underpin productivity at work.”