BT has just announced that it is increasing its broadband prices again, with the latest batch of increases due to become effective in September. The company said that in addition to affecting broadband plans, these price increases will affect phone-calling rates, television plans and the cost of BT Sport.

BT said that it will send written notices by August to customers impacted by the rate increases to inform them of the changes in their bills. Customers who disapprove of the new prices for their plans will have 30 days to cancel their contracts without incurring a penalty.

The higher rates will be effective from 16th September 2018. BT announced the change only eight months after it announced its earlier price increases, which took effect in January of this year.

BT’s price changes

BT has not released all the details of its latest price increases, and it said that it will give its customers a full accounting of the impact when it contacts them later this month. However, its Consumer Price Guide details some of the major changes that are coming.

  • The rate for standard line rental will increase from £18.99 to £19.99, but customers who only have a landline will not see an increase.
  • The cost to make calls to UK landlines that are not in your plan will increase from 13p per minute to 15p per minute during the daytime and from 3p per minute to 4p per minute for evening calls.
  • The cost to make calls to mobile devices that are not in your plan will increase from 17p per minute to 18p per minute.
  • The cost of voicemail service (1511) will increase from £3 per month to £3.50 per month.
  • International calls that you make outside of your plan will become more expensive, with the amount of the increase varying by country.
  • The charge for terminating your contract early will increase, with the specific amount depending on the type of plan that you have.

BT has also said that it will increase prices for broadband, BT Sport and TV customers, so if you are a customer, then you should check your account online to see how much the price of your broadband service and related packages will increase.

Try haggling to avoid the price increase

If you like the deal that you currently have with BT but are unhappy with the upcoming price increase, then it is probably a good idea to contact the company to see if you can get a better deal. BT makes this suggestion on its website, stating that it will work with unhappy customers to help them “save with great deals.” If you take this approach, then BT will probably offer you a new 18-month contract at a fixed rate.

Consider switching your broadband provider

If you are unhappy with BT and have been considering making a change, then the ability to cancel your current contract without incurring a penalty during the 30-day notice widow gives you the opportunity to look at deals from other providers and make a switch.

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