After talks that have gone on for months, 5G will be available very shortly. Three has announced that it will begin to make a 5G mobile network available to consumers by the middle of 2019.

The company has also said that its 5G service would provide such consistent performance that it would serve as a “genuine alternative” to hard-wired fibre and copper services.

Dave Dyson, CEO at Three, said that 5G provides a significant increase in broadband capacity along with extremely low latency, facilitating “new possibilities” in broadband applications for both home and industry and supporting fast growth in using mobile data.

During the approach to launching its 5G network, Three accomplished several key steps. At Ofcom’s spectrum auction, the company obtained the UK’s premiere spectrum portfolio, and it has also entered into an agreement to roll out new technology for cell sites and prepare cities for the start of 5G service.

Three has also installed the world’s first 5G-ready cloud network in 20 data centres and built a very high-capacity dark-fibre network.

When Three launches the network, it will have a 1.2TB/s capacity, which is three times the capacity currently available.

Dyson added: “We have been planning our approach to 5G for many years, and we are well positioned to lead on this next generation of technology. These investments are the latest in a series of important building blocks to deliver the best end-to-end data experience for our customers.”