1. 09 October 2018

    EE launches UK’s first 5G trial in Canary Wharf

    EE has begun the UK’s first live 5G trial at London’s Canary Wharf. The trial will test mobile devices on […]

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  2. 01 October 2018

    Mobile operators could be forced to automatically move out-of-contract customers to lower monthly tariffs

    Telecoms regulator Ofcom has presented plans to stop mobile phone companies from continuing to charge users for their handsets after […]

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  3. 20 September 2018

    iOS 12 set to make your iPhone much faster

    Apple has now released iOS 12 worldwide, and the latest update to the operating system will make almost all iPhones […]

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  4. 04 September 2018

    Apple expected to unveil three new iPhones

    According to leaked documents, Apple will be introducing three new iPhones next week. The company has invited journalists to a […]

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  5. 29 August 2018

    Will EU roaming charges return after Brexit?

    In June 2017, the EU eliminated roaming charges on smartphones when residents used them while travelling in another EU country. […]

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  6. 21 August 2018

    Kids are drowning because parents are obsessed with smartphones

    Authorities worldwide have warned that children are drowning because their parents are obsessed with smartphones. Safety experts cautioned that drowning […]

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  7. 14 August 2018

    Samsung launches Galaxy Note9

    Samsung has announced the launch of its latest premium smartphone, the Galaxy Note9. The company will release the device on […]

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  8. 06 August 2018

    Britons check their phones every 12 minutes

    According to a report by regulator Ofcom, Britons check their smartphones every 12 minutes. The regulator’s annual Communications Market Report […]

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  9. 30 July 2018

    New device stops drink-drivers from starting their cars

    Drink-drivers may soon need to install an alcohol interlock in their vehicles to keep them from driving after they have […]

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  10. 24 July 2018

    Radiation from smartphones could be behind teenage memory loss

    According to a new study, radiation from smartphones could be impairing the memory of teenagers. Researchers found that extensive use […]

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