Samsung has revealed its foldable smartphone – the Galaxy Fold – and its new Galaxy S10 line-up.

The Galaxy Fold

A 4G version of the Fold will be available on 26 April at a starting price of £1,515. Samsung said that a more expensive 5G version would be available at an unspecified later date.

The company revealed that the Fold would open to form a 7.3in (18.5cm) display that is very similar to a tablet and that the device would be capable of running up to three apps simultaneously.

Samsung noted that several apps would be optimised for use with the new folding-screen display, including Google Maps, Microsoft Office, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The firm also said that it designed its hidden hinge system to function for hundreds of thousands of unfolds and folds and that each side of the folding screen contained a battery to increase the device’s runtime.

To ensure that users could take photos no matter how they held the device, the smartphone has one camera on the front, two on the inside and three on the back.

The Galaxy S10 line-up

The Galaxy S10 line-up includes four models.

The S10 and the S10+ will retail for more than the two models they replace, starting at £799 and £899 respectively. The S10 series will also feature a model that will cost less but will have lower specifications. The retail price for the S10e will start at £669.

The S10, S10+ and S10e will go on sale beginning 8 March.

Samsung also plans to release a 5G version of the S10 at an unspecified date in the summer. The yet-to-be-priced device will feature the company’s largest-ever non-folding display.