Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones at an event next month, with the handsets likely to go on sale by the end of September.

Reports indicate that the company will market two of the new iPhones as MacBook-style “pro” models with improved facial recognition and an upgraded triple-lens camera. These two models will be successors to the current iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The third model will be a successor to the less-expensive iPhone XR.

The main feature of the two iPhone “pro” models will be a new camera system located on the back of the handset. It will feature a third lens to take ultra-wide-angle videos and photos. The additional camera will have a zoom feature to allow users to capture a wider field of view. The three lenses will take three images at the same time and use the latest artificial intelligence software to make any necessary corrections to the combined photos. The results from the new system are expected to rival those taken by some traditional cameras.

The two “pro” models will look almost identical from the front to the two models they are replacing, as the screen sizes will remain unchanged. However, Apple is expected to replace some of the colours on the back with a matte finish rather than using the current glossy finish. Both new models will feature enhanced OLED screens.

The successor to the iPhone XR will add a second camera on the back with optical zoom and an enhanced portrait mode.

All three new models will include a faster A13 processor, but none will include 5G, which Apple is expected to introduce next year.