EE continues to deliver the “best” ultrafast mobile experience to customers after rolling out 5G in 14 new locations across the UK.

Numerous cities and towns including Liverpool, Glasgow and Wolverhampton are now receiving coverage as EE doubles down on its commitment to connect some of the busiest spots in the country.

The provider launched the UK’s first 5G network six months ago and has been steadily building a high-quality service which received an award as the top ultrafast mobile performer in a recent independent study published by RootMetrics.

5G coverage in London now stands at 60% compared to Vodafone’s 21.7% and the majority of customers are accessing speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

Marc Allera, BT consumer division CEO said the rollout to new towns and cities on a daily basis is helping people to tap into low latency high-band spectrum to get on with the things that are most important to them.

He added: “RootMetrics’ early 5G testing shows that we are a long way ahead in terms of 5G performance, and our engineers are continuing to build new sites every day, on our journey to keeping our customers connected 100% of the time.”

EE has now switched on 5G services in more places than any other provider and its work will continue in December with plans to bring ultrafast connectivity to 45 more cities and large towns.

Last week, EE added its first 5G sites in Kimberley, Maidstone, Watford, Sydenham, Hoddesdon, Guildford, Castlereagh and Harlow among others.