Apple is reportedly planning to sell its 5G capable iPhone 12 without a charger, power adaptor or wired earbuds as it looks to create slimmer, more environmentally friendly packaging for its smartphones.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed earlier this week that Apple could remove all accessories from the iPhone box when it goes on sale later this year.

Kuo believes the move is primarily a cost-cutting measure as it would allow Apple to sell the base model at a similar price to the iPhone 11, which currently retails for £729 in the UK.

However, it could also reduce the company’s electronic footprint at a time when EU officials have criticised mobile manufacturers for using different chargers.

The continental bloc has called for a “one-size fits all” approach that would help to cut down on the 51,000 tonnes of waste generated by electronic products every year.

Apple responded by stating that switching from its Lighting adapters, which differ to the USB-C connections used in most other smartphones, would actually create more waste and inconvenience its customers.

Apple appears to have decided that removing the charger and adapter entirely is the best solution.

Customers would then have to buy either a standard charger or fast charging adapter separately.

Not including earbuds will also give Apple a chance to upsell new customers to the £160 Airpods or £250 Airpods Pro.

Recent leaks claim Apple will now adopt thinner, lighter packaging for the iPhone 12, which is expected to be the company’s first handset to support faster 5G mobile tech.