The camera in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable of delivering impressive image quality that can rival professional photographs in certain situations.

Apple released its most expensive handset this month in the UK, and it houses the largest ever display in an iPhone and an advanced triple-lens camera system.

Apple claims that the wide camera captures 27% more light than other models to create shots that are sharper and have greater detail.

The specs are impressive, with the 12MP Wide lens accompanied by a 12MP Ultra Wide and 12MP Telephoto for a complete setup of shooting options.

There is also a 2.5x optical zoom, a 12x digital zoom, and a night mode that brings better lighting and clarity to after-dark pics.

General tech reviews have been very enthusiastic about the capabilities, but to really put it through its paces, pro photographer Rebecca Scheinberg used the iPhone 12 Pro Max for a whole day.

Scheinberg found that the new camera system was particularly adept at portraits, and that it performed well across the board, with light, colour and detail all being handled proficiently and offering “true to life” images.

The 6.7-inch screen and intuitive controls made it easy to use the viewfinder and preview shots.

Like previous iPhones, the new Pro Max also produced strong video output, though Scheinberg said that she would only use it in personal settings.

She concluded that the step up from previous iPhones was noticeable and that “beautiful” photos can be taken in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, which launched in the UK on 13th November, is available from £1,099.