Ultrafast 5G mobile technology is set to revolutionise how people communicate, consume content and access personal healthcare in 2021, according to industry experts.

It has now been more than 18 months since EE and Vodafone began offering 5G in the UK, but a wider rollout and increased coverage is expected this year.

All four major networks are now bringing 5G to cities and remote locations, giving customers the opportunity to tap into speeds that are up to 100 times faster than older 4G.

BT Consumer’s Nathalie Vafiadis believes that 5G tech is maturing at just the right time, as amid the pandemic, more people are pivoting to digital services and need high-quality connections to work, learn and communicate.

5G is more than just faster speeds though, as it will also bring greater capacity and ultra-low latency, which will reduce inefficiencies and vastly improve the mobile experience.

“The next era of 5G tech will bring even more, from mobile cloud gaming to real-time health monitoring. As these are developed, customer uptake will continue to grow,” Vafiadis says.

The continued rollout will see 5G switched on in more towns and suburban areas, in addition to places with higher footfall, such as railway stations.

A spokesperson for Three expects 5G to make a difference to people’s lives right now, but also sees a future where connected smart cities with driverless cars and drones will transform industries.

Three also revealed that customers used around 15GB of mobile data every month during the first wave of the pandemic.