BT is joining forces with EE to offer an “unbreakable” home internet service that will keep customers connected so that they can work, learn and socialise without fear of downtime.

BT has launched a new Hybrid Connect device that will bring together its speedy broadband and its mobile division EE’s network for a supercharged home service.

The new device works alongside BT’s Smart Hub 2 and will connect to the EE mobile network without the need for user inputs if there are any problems with broadband.

BT revealed that download traffic has spiked 60% on its consumer broadband network since the start of the pandemic.

The huge rise is attributed to more people using their home connections for a variety of tasks, including home working and streaming TVs and movies.

With people so reliant on stable broadband, BT wants to effectively create a safety net that will keep them online at all times.

Assembly Research founder Matthew Howett noted: “The past 12 months have reminded us all of the importance of fast, and crucially, reliable broadband as we’ve taken to work, educate and entertain ourselves at home.”

Recent independent research found that three quarters of UK consumers would rather have reliable broadband over speed.

The new converged service will be made available to customers via BT Halo 3+, which launched on 5th February.

New customers can pay £65.99 monthly for the feature-rich service, which will include a Hybrid Connect device and other extra features.

Existing customers can also get Hybrid Connect as an add-on for £7 per month.