Apple launched a range of new products including AirTags, colourful entry-level iMacs and a more powerful 5G iPad Pro at its Spring Loaded 2021 virtual event.

The first big conference of the year for Apple was headlined by the launch of AirTags, a new Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to devices or personal belongings to alert users to their location.

The AirTags are set to go on sale in the UK on 30th April and will be available for £29 per tag or £99 for a pack of four.

Apple’s internally manufactured M1 processor is also making its way into more devices after a new line of colourful desktop iMacs was unveiled.

The new chip promises a “giant leap forward” in performance and battery life, according to Apple, and it will now power iMacs with a refreshed design that features a 24-inch 4.5K resolution display with slim bezels.

To cater to the world of remote working and Zoom calls, Apple has also increased the fidelity of the front-facing 1080p camera.

The new range of iMacs will be available in the UK from next week, with the 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU models starting from £1,249.

Apple capped its event with the launch of a new iPad Pro that will feature 5G data connectivity for the first time.

IDC analyst Daniel Gonçalves said that the device will appeal to consumers who have been using tablets for content consumption and remote schooling since the start of the pandemic.

Research from IDC found that the tablet market grew for the first time since 2013 last year.