Apple has published a new safety guide to help people who are worried about “technology-enabled” abuse and harassment amid concerns about the company’s AirTag tracking devices.

The updated ‘Personal User Safety Guide’ features step-by-step instructions for users to protect their safety and privacy while using connected devices, including smartphones and laptops.

However, there is a particular focus on AirTags this time following headline news that the small button-shaped devices are being used to track people.

The BBC reported last week that a number of women have claimed that AirTags are being used for stalking and harassment.

Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation director, said: “If you create an item which is useful for tracking stolen items, then you have also created a perfect tool for stalking.”

AirTag devices use Apple’s ‘Find My’ network to locate items that they were attached to, with the original intention for them to be used to find important items such as keys, wallets and phones.

However, there are now major fears that they are being misused, even though Apple says that there are several safeguards built into them to protect people.

The new safety guide aims to help those who have been notified that a “rogue” AirTag device is tracking them, with instructions on what to do next.

Apple said that it takes customer safety “very seriously” and that it will strive to make AirTags more secure in the future.

The safety guide is also recommended for general Apple product usage as it features instructions about how to create an ‘Emergency SOS’ and remove previously shared access to location data.